Monday, November 22, 2010

My dear friend the Medium Eileen Proctor

Apart from the weddings industry,i work quite closley with a talented International Medium called Eileen Proctor of Chesterfield.Eileen and I travel together to alot of corporate evening events across the uk, providing evidence of the other side!From the many years of watching mediums on the podium at alot of Spiritulist churches, this lady displays alot of accuracy, even i sometimes gasp at some of the messages she gives out to the public and police over the years!
I meet Eileen Proctor in a spiritualist church nearly 10 years ago,with our very first project finding the remains of her dear friend that was murdered in Spain! That case as well as many others found Eileen propelled into the celebrity circles, raising money for so many charities,settling 100's of inquisitive and emotional people, in the knowledge their loved ones were safe and very happy to be amongst their family, pets and friends.
Eileen can be contacted on 01246 541906, she works with parties of people, corporate functions and charity nights, just give her a call...
We get alot of people telling us she should be on TV for her speed and accuracy across large groups of people....well you never know!

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