Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big Success for sales and complimentary copies to brides at wedding fayres and our 8 High Street Stores!

Finally we see just how much our title White Weddings magazines are enjoyed by 1000's of brides and suppliers each issue.
From the emails, comments and coupons sent to HQ and calls we recieve to capture so many real life weddings from around the region.
Our High Street Partners John Lewis and Debenhams are moving alot more of our magazines in 2010 to brides in their goody bags at busy wedding fayres and instore events
Our advertisers can see the benefits of our targeted distribution and comment on their successes
"We love the layout and were they position us, some of our brides read about us, saw us at a fayre then booked!"Paula Blake Weddings S Yorkshire
"At least i know this title is credible and brides mention they have seen me,"Kevin Matthews Photography Nottinghamshire
"We love our inside front cover,quality wedding mag, good for the region,"Lumbers Jewellers Leicester
"Sue does a good job,we have had our venue in the real life wedding features and venues section, we have now signed their White Media team for our Autumn 2011 wedding show", Stapleford Park Hotel, Leicestershire
Our newsagents like our new regional promo packs, as our autumn sales prove, we offer brides so much more!Call 01246 541906 for our spring issue deadline this month!

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